5 Unblocked Games to Play That Won’t Get You in Trouble with Your Boss

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You may think that flash games are childish, but if you’re someone that gets bored easily at work and you finish your projects rather quickly, you may want to think twice about not playing a flash game to kill some time. In this article, we’ll show you a few of our favorite games to play in the office when you’re done with work that won’t get you in trouble with your boss because of the content. Using a website that has a ton of Unblocked Games can give you hours of free play without ticking off your system administrators.

4×4 Soccer

There isn’t anything violent about soccer, and thankfully this flash game won’t give you any unwarranted surprises. Your boss won’t be too mad at a low-bandwidth flash version of a soccer video game. Beyond this, you can play it when you’re done with your work, so you won’t have anything else to deliver your boss for the day.

3 Slices

The next game we’ll discuss is fairly simple, doesn’t take up much bandwidth, and has no violence whatsoever; whether you’re at work or in school, this game will keep you occupied and will have you addicted. Your goal is to make three cuts into a pillar, and you have to make the cuts perfectly to where XX percentage comes off the pillar. The game shows you the percentage you’ve removed and your target percentage to be removed. It doesn’t distract you so much your boss can’t get your attention, but it does allow you to do something on the side while you’re at work. It’s quick to restart your game if you fail and it doesn’t take too long to load at all.

Add It Up

Next on our list is a game called Add It Up where you must add up to the target sum; however, you have limited time do so, and the more numbers you’re able to select to get to the sum, the better your score will be. It’s also worth noting that the faster you do this, the higher you’ll see your score climb. In short, the more numbers to get to the sum and the faster you do so, the better your score will be. It’s an oddly addicting game that’ll allow your reflexes to become a bit sharper – which may help you in the workplace.

2048 Grow Up

Want a game that’ll improve your brain functions and mind? This next game has adorable graphics that aren’t bland, and causes you to use your mind to win, along with moving tiles. Your tiles should be moved accordingly in order to reach the on-screen goal. Without, you’ll not be able to succeed to the next level. Surprisingly, that’s it! There isn’t a crazy amount you need to accomplish to win in this game. Of course, you can imagine that the title and graphics lead you to believe that you have some growing up to do (in the game of course).


Last on our list is a side-scrolling, ambient music game that allows you to “leave home” and jump from place to place. With monochromatic coloring and a calming vibe about the game, you’ll be able to enjoy this without a competitive mindset.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, whether the game is unblocked or not (thanks IT admins and proxies), the coolness of your boss will ultimately decide how they react to you playing a flash game. There are tons of non-violent games on this specific Unblocked Games website, and you don’t have to worry about needing a proxy to play them (for now).