Beard Maintenance Explained: Balms and Shaving

beard maintenance tips

How you treat your hair on the head is different from the beards treatment. So you have to meet a line of products that are specially made for the beard. Since the beard is coarser than the hair on your head, Grooming Adepts shares the balm and shaving products that you just don’t see anywhere else.

The balms featured on the site make your beard to have a better texture and shape the beard accordingly. The shaving, on the other hand, makes your beard to look perfect by helping you in trimming and shaping it for a better presentation. Grooming Adepts has shed light on the issue where there are various options that you can carry out to see what suits you.

I am going to focus on summarizing what they say on balms and the two types of shavers: the single blade razors and the Braun shavers.

Beard balms

There are a variety of products to choose from that address different beard issues. Since not everything works for everyone, the variety includes explanations of the each of the products and how they serve your beards. After going through the explanations, here is what I found addressed by the balms.

Vegans or not

Some products are made from plant sources with no animal products added to the composition. So, for the strict vegetarians who have a beard to grow, the Adepts have something for you that is made from plant life. Others will consider having animal fats among other constituents for those who don’t mind about being a vegan or not.


Any balm should not cause an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. If you feel like scratching your chin now and then, Grooming Adepts have something to stop the feeling. Most of the products address the issue of making your skin feel better while under the beard.

An option for all beards

You will find many products that seek to condition the beard to have a smooth texture. It is one of the main reasons why you will want to go for a beard balm. More to that, some balms can be used on all beards regardless of the color. It is one of the best options I saw since you can pick one solution for all if you are still wondering on what to go for.

Shaving your beard

There are two options addressed in detail on Grooming. The single blade razors and Braun shavers.

Single blades

Some of us will go shopping an option that gets the job done but not a classy gadget. Single blades have come to be useful for those who are looking for something to start with before they advance or an intermediary to keep things going. From the Adepts, here is what they have to say about the razors.

  • Handling: There are blades with long arms that enable you to handle it if you have long hands. Others have short arms to counter for men with small hands, so people are spoilt for choice here.
  • Getting a close shave: For those of us looking to get everything out, there are razors designed to give you a close shave by having more razors on the shaving block.
  • Material: Some of the blades such as that from BIC, the plastic rocks everything that makes up the blade. For those who need something more solid and sturdy, most of the featured selection has metal making up the construction.

Braun Shavers

If you are looking for a shaver that will last for years, there are Braun shavers on Adepts that focus on styling on your beard or shaving it all. These shavers address the following:

  • More technology: Most of what is available is cordless meaning that after charging is done, you can bring the shaver closer to you as the need dictates.
  • Trimming or getting low: Due to the adjustments allowed in the shavers, you can decide to either trim or cut low depending on what you want to do.
  • Dry or wet: Among the options, one or two permit shaving whether the beard is dry or humid. Either way, the job gets done.

Wrapping up

The beards need attendance – trimming and giving them the best balm care. With Grooming Adepts, just say bye to those beards that will keep you off the line.