Barbara Wolff, Warrior 773, 2007, Collage, 23 x 21 cm.

Barbara Wolff's Universes beyond and within Universes

Barbara Wolff, Hydra 2010, Digital print and resin on wood, 150 x 220 cm. Coutesy the artist.

Barbara Wolff, Evening on Matador, 2008; MDF, photographic print, resin, rug, 220x420 cm.

Barbara Wolff, Warrior 150, 2007, Collage, 21 x 14 cm.


Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf Frankfurt
Hanauer Landstrasse 136
+ 49  69 - 430 594 27
Frankfurt am Main
Barbara Wolff, Multiversum
November 22, 2008-January 31, 2009

In the exhibition Multiversum, Gallery Wilma Tolksdorf presents the new work from Barbara Wolff. The artist, who regards herself as a digital painter, makes collages on her computer from a combination of found material and her own photographs, adding various conventional materials such as jute, carpet and cotton to the new works. Alongside large-format photo collages, the exhibition includes objects with which Barbara Wolff works in precisely the opposite way. Here photographs are incorporated into the objects. Barbara Wolf's work links the principle of collage with assemblage, painting with constructive art. The artist's work is characterised by diverse form, material and content. She combines both conventional and modern materials and real and unreal motifs.

In the work Evening on Matador, for example, a photo collage, which incorporates pieces of carpet by its lower edge, the carpet extends the pictorial space beyond the actual image and increases its objectuality. It produces a singular dialogue between the carpet?s traditional patterns and colours and the computer-collaged world of photocollage.

Barbara Wolff creates parallel worlds, where we encounter strange monsters. In the work Zombie, for example, a bat-like creature with wings made of palm leaves, flies towards us. The normally temporal and locally unconnected motifs are combined using formal and ornamental analogies. The artist thereby raises questions about the definition of time and space and the relations of micro and macrocosms.

Barbara Wolff, born in Romania in 1980, studied at the Frankfurt Städelschule under Hermann Nitsch and Wolfgang Tillmans, and the Royal Academy in London. The artist lives and works in London.

Barbara Wolff, Warrior 318, 2007, Collage, 23 x 21 cm.

Barbara Wolff, Triangulum, 2008, Jute, Horn, Gips, Muschel, Farbe, 230 cm x 20 cm.

Barbara Wolff, Warrior 229, 2007, Collage, 23 x 21 cm.