Jan De Cock, Temps Mort XI.Flamingo, 2009 © Atelier Jan De Cock.

Sculptures, Photographs Responding to Palais de Beaux Art's Architecture

Jan De Cock, Temps Mort XI.Flamingo, 2009 © Atelier Jan De Cock.

Jan De Cock, Studio Repromotion 302 © Jan De Cock.

Jan De Cock, Studio Repromotion 310 © Jan De Cock.


Centre for Fine Arts
10, rue Royale Koningsstraat
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Jan De Cock: Repromotion
July 10-September 13, 2009

Jan De Cock, a leading figure on the international contemporary art scene, presents his first large solo exhibition in Belgium. Repromotion consists entirely of new work specially created for BOZAR in response to the architecture of the Centre for Fine Arts. The archers of the French sculptor Emile Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929) guide the visitors through the exhibition.

After his famous Denkmal series, Repromotion heralds a new phase in his oeuvre. The large exhibition circuit comprises a whole new series of sculptures and photographs. Every gallery, every stage in the exhibition can be seen as a sequence in a fictitious film. De Cock sculpts the space and turns perception on its head. He probes the very sources of the film and plays with movement, repetition and reproduction.

Repromotion gets a second lease of life in a new form: after the exhibition in Brussels, photographs of the galleries will be shown at Le Magasin in Grenoble.

Jan De Cock (b. 1976) lives and works in Brussels. De Cock caused a furore with his Denkmal series in which he encroaches upon different spaces with sculptural installations made of plywood. "Denkmal" is German for monument, but it can also be read as a contraction of the Dutch words (Dutch being the artist's native language) 'denk' (think) and 'mal' (mould), literally "mould for thought."

He has come an exceptionally long way for a young artist. His work has already been shown at Tate Modern in London and he is the first living Belgian artist to have had a solo show at the MoMA in New York (2008).

The Centre for Fine Arts has had the privilege of playing a role in the artist's development. In 2003 Jan De Cock was deservedly nominated for the Young Belgian Painters Award with his installation Denkmal 23, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, Bruxelles, 2003. The monumentality of the work and its formal vocabulary provided food for thought and sparked a privileged dialogue with Horta's architecture.

A year later Jan De Cock is taking this dialogue a step further with Denkmal 23, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Rue Ravenstein 23, Bruxelles, 2004, part II: an artwork/sculpture that also becomes architecture. Jan De Cock is giving Victor Horta's former restaurant a refit. Using different materials, he has designed walls, the ceiling and the floor, but also the tables, chairs and lighting for the space which he is building with the help of his workshop. Visitors could dine in Jan De Cock's Gesamtkunstwerk.

Jan De Cock, Temps Mort XXXI. Kosovo, 2008 © Jan De Cock.

Jan De Cock, Module DLVIII © Jan De Cock.

Portrait of Jan De Cock © Stephan Vanfleteren.


Jan De Cock, Mort XI.Flamingo, 2009 © Atelier Jan De Cock.