Bettina Disler, endlos, 2007, 5 channel sound installation, continuous loop, Courtesy of Bettina Disler.

Runa Islam, How Far to Faro, 4, 35mm Film on DV, Courtesy of the artist and Jay Jopling / White Cube, London.

Eleven Artists in Silent Conversation with Ingmar Bergman

Joseph Beuys, Das Schweigen, 1973, Height 25 cm, Spulendurchmesser / Reeldiameter: 38cm, Courtesy of Edition Block Berlin.


Kunstmuseum Thun
Hofstettenstrasse 14
+ 41 (0)33 225 84 20
In Silent Conversation
with Ingmar Bergman

July 5-September 7, 2008

Ingmar Bergman is one of the best known personalities in film history. His impressive repertoire and expressive imagery have not only shaped several generations of film directors, but also have formed likewise a starting point for the creative work of numerous contemporary artists who cover the gamut of media.

The adoption of the narrative cinema by art should thereby be understood as an extremely multilayered phenomenon which changes between adoption and alienation, between transformation and advancement and between citation and reflection.

In the exhibition, In Silent Conversation with Ingmar Bergman, the Kunstmuseum Thun makes visible and audible the variety of the complex dialogues undertaken by the contemporary artists with the œuvre of Ingmar Bergman. Positions which deal with aspects of specific films are shown, as well as positions that utilise Bergman’s work as starting points for individual treatments.

Artists in the exhibition include Karin Mamma Andersson, Lotta Antonsson, Joseph Beuys, Bettina Disler, Maria Finn, Runa Islam, Michael Kunze, Hanna Liden, Andrea Loux, Magdalena von Rudy, Evanthia Tsantila.

Magdalena von Rudy, Persona Syndrom, 2005, Video, 7 min, Courtesy of Magdalena von Rudy.

Evanthia Tsantila, The Silence, 2006, Video-Installation, Courtesy of State Museum of Contemporary Art, The Costakis Collection.