Martin Drolling, Küchenintérieur, undatiert.

Art of the Idyllic from a Darker Past and in a Cooler Present

René Auberjonois, Josephine Baker, Matthew McCaslin, Surfing, 1997, Floorpiece, 1996.

Johannes Jakob Nüesch, Aus sorgenlosen Tagen, 1903.

Gottlieb Emil Rittmeyer, Stubete auf Alp Sol, 1865.

Yael Bartana, Wild Seeds, 2005.

Hodler, Lied aus der Ferne, 1906.

Cuno Amiet, Mutter und Kind, 1889-99.


Kunstmuseum St. Gallen
Museumstrasse 32-72
St. Gallen
Art Museum
Over the Rainbow
Over the bliss of art

July 7-October 28, 2012

"Somewhere over the rainbow ..." is the refrain of the famous song from the 1930s. Singing of a magical place, as it can exist only in a lullaby, where the sky was blue and dreams would come true.

The 1884 painting by Konrad Grob (1828-1909) Lucky Mother shows a young woman sitting with a baby in her arms, beside a gurgling fountain in a flowering meadow, while a second child she lovingly embraced: a picture of familial bliss. The art of the 19th Century is full of joyful moments of such representations and idyllic scenery. Highly esteemed in their time, mute the representations of an ideal world, from today's perspective to almost transfigured and unworldly. And indeed it is in the popular paintings of Martin Drolling (1752-1817), Konrad Grob, Johann Jakob Nuesch (1845-1895), and Gottlieb Emil Rittmeyer (1820-1904), his legendary Stubete on the Mountain Sol (1865) could be described as a program image of the era — in essence to becoming an escape from the gloomy reality of the 19th Century in the face of industrialization and urbanization. But not only did 19th-century art sing of happiness. The exhibition evokes Over the Rainbow as much for current moments of happiness in contemporary art.

Artists in the exhibition include: Cuno Amiet, Yael Bartana, Candice Breitz, Karin Buhler, Martin Drolling, Georg Gatsas, Giovanni Giacometti, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Konrad Grob, Ferdinand Hodler, Max Liebermann, Lutz'Guggisberg, Barthelemy Menn, Johann Jakob Nuesch, Sebastian Oesch, Gottlieb Emil Rittmeyer, Barbara Signer, Carl Spitzweg, Beat Streuli, Eduard Vallet, u.a.m.

Curators of the exhibition are Konrad Bitterli and Nadia Veronese.

Barbara Signer, Le nuage que j'aii suivi (LeTrucVert), 2012.

Edouard Vallet, Taufe im Wallis, 1910.

Johannes Jakob Nüesch, Gute Freunde, 1874.

Georg Gatsas, Dancer III, 2009 2011.

Georg Gatsas, Dancers, 2009 2011.

Georg Gatsas, Dancer I, 2008 2011.

Beat Streuli, Allen Street N.Y., 1994.

Robert Zünd, Der Gang nach Emmaus, 1877.