Jonathan Saunders and Jess Flood-Paddock, Life (2012). 200 screen prints on polypropylene, hung on clear polycarbonate rods and brackets Each print 85 x 60cm, installed dimensions variable, up to 10m length. Photographer: Matthew Hollow.

Exploratory sketches by Francis Upritchard, to arrive at the pose for her sculpture.

Jess Flood-Paddock, New York, Paris, Peckham, 2011, Installation view. Peckham Multi-Storey Car, London. Image courtesy of Carl Freedman Gallery.

London Puts on the Art and Fashion Ritz for an Olympic Summer

Nicholas Kirkwood, Scribble Rose Sandal spring/summer 2012.

Hussein Chalayan and Gavin Turk, Four Minute Mile (2012). Unique copper master (used for the pressing of limited edition vinyl of the audio work ‘Four Minute Mile’) Framed, mounted and signed by Hussein Chalayan and Gavin Turk 61x 61cm. Photographer: Steven White.

Paul Smith, Gary Oldman photographed by Sir Paul Smith, 2011.

Mat Collishaw, Children of a Lesser God, 2007 Transparency in light panel 210 x 200 x 9cm. All images © Mat Collishaw, Courtesy of the artist and Blain|Southern.

Pages from Charming Baker’s sketchbook.

Nicholas Kirkwood, Suspension Bow Sandal pre-fall 2012.

Stephen Jones, Wash and Go for an exhibition C14 at Dover Street Market, London, December 2005

Charming Baker, A Mother’s Milk Nourishes Heroes As Well As Murderers, 2008 oil and bullet holes on panel, 110 x 120cm.

Mark Titchner, Run, Black, River, Run Baltic, 2008. Installation view, Image courtesy Vilma Gold, London.

Peter Pilotto and Francis Upritchard, Arch (2012). Figure: modelling material, wire, filling, fabric, plastic and glass beads; plinth: brass, steel, teak Figure 35 x 29 x 66cm, plinth 141 x 95 x 50cm. Photographer: Steven White.


Victoria & Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
+ 020 7942 2000
Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion
June 21-September 29, 2012

Entitled Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion, this project, led by the British Fashion Council/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation and in partnership with the Mayor of London, is a unique opportunity to celebrate and strengthen the longstanding relationships between fashion designers and visual artists. Iconic British designers have paired together with top contemporary artists including: Giles Deacon & Jeremy Deller; Hussein Chalayan & Gavin Turk; Jonathan Saunders & Jess Flood-Paddock; Mary Katrantzou & Mark Titchner; Matthew Williamson & Mat Collishaw; Nicholas Kirkwood & Simon Periton; Paul Smith & Charming Baker; Peter Pilotto & Francis Upritchard; and Stephen Jones & Cerith Wyn Evans. More names are expected to join this outstanding roll call of British creative talent.

•Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion• is part of the London 2012 Festival, a 12-week nationwide celebration from June 21-September 29, 2012, bringing together leading artists from across the world with the very best from the UK. The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are a celebration of excellence and performance and these partnerships have been commissioned to create pieces of work to reflect these special values.

The specially created exclusive pieces will be unveiled on June 27, 2012 at a VIP Gala fundraising event at the historic setting of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich before going on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). Monies raised from the gala will form part of a bursary to encourage and support emerging artists and designers and to help encourage future collaborations.

All pieces will be exhibited to the public throughout the London 2012 Festival — at the V&A July 6-29, 2012, followed by an installation in Selfridges "Wonder Windows" programme during July and August.

The BFC will also issue an accompanying book for the exhibition with a foreword by Lucy Yeomans, Editor of Harper’s Bazaar and introduction by renowned fashion writer Iain R. Webb. The publication, an "exhibition in a box" produced with Booth-Clibborn Editions, will include sections on all of the artists and designers, their sketches and proposals for the collaborations, photographs of work in progress and specially commissioned portraits of all the participants, and a set of posters showing each of the finished works.

Harold Tillman CBE, Chairman BFC commented, “2012 is such a momentous year. The Britain Creates 2012: Fashion & Art Collusion project to celebrate the London 2012 Festival is the perfect opportunity to showcase unique talent within the UK in the creative industries and echoes the special relationships within. The pieces of art and accompanying book will leave a great legacy to reflect on this special year.”

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said, ''As London Fashion Week has just shown, our designers are a tour de force whose talent is important for our economy and the capital's reputation around the world. As one of the greatest centres for culture and creativity, London is the proud home to some of the best designers and artists in the world and this melding of two dynamic strands will produce an exciting exhibition that will be a highlight of our celebrations for 2012.”

Gavin Turk, Ajar (White), 2011 Series of 5 with 2 APs Painted bronze 215.7 x 90.88 x 68cm.

Mat Collishaw: Last Meal on Death Row, Texas (Paul Nuncio), 2011. C print Frame Red Grandis timber, rubbed back with black lacquer finish, 64 x 46cm. All images © Mat Collishaw, Courtesy of the artist and Blain|Southern.

Paul Smith, Carnival Rug for The Rug Company, 2011.

Jess Flood-Paddock and Phyllida Barlow, Installation View 2009. Image courtesy of Carl Freedman Gallery.

Paul Smith, Marianela Nunez, Principle Ballerina, The Royal Ballet, photographed by Sir Paul Smith, 2010.

Matthew Williamson, spring/summer 2012 collection.

Mary Katrantzou, Gateway Dress, spring/summer 2011.

Mary Katrantzou, Harp Hazzard Dress, spring/summer 2012.

Mary Katrantzou, Archway Lampshade Skirt and Picket Parade Jacket, spring/summer 2011.

Hussein Chalayan, Airborne, autumn/winter 2007, Courtesy of Chris Moore.

Mary Katrantzou, autumn/winter 2012.

Francis Upritchard, Orange Pleader, 2008 modelling material, foil, wire, paint 57.5 x 15.5 x 22.5cm. All images courtesy of Kate MacGarry, London.

Exploratory sketches by Francis Upritchard, to arrive at the pose for her sculpture.

Mary Katrantzou and Mark Titchner, Tint the pallid landscape (off to the wars in lace) (2012). Digital video animation on blu-ray disc, 7 minute loop Two part lot with Lenticular print. Photographer: Steven White.

Nicholas Kirkwood and Simon Periton, Dissecting Waltz (2012). Mild steel, stainless steel wire, cast resin, shoe soles, heels and uppers, motor and gearing mechanism Diameter 140cm, drop 200cm approx. Photographer: Steven White