Aykut Erol, Sofa Grass, 2007.

Istanbul, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.

Istanbul: A Center of Design at the Crossroads of the World

Istanbul, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.

Alper Böler, Regal 'Salkim,' 2005.

Aykut Erol, Bowl and vase from the series Be Sincere, 2010.

Istanbul, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.

Istanbul, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.


Marta Herford
Goebenstraße 4-10
+49(0)52 21-99 44 30-0
Design Istanbul Tasarimi

December 18, 2010-February 20, 2011

Showing the most significant work of some 30 designers, design studios, and artists, SPAGAT! Design Istanbul Tasar?m? — the second in a series of design exhibitions will not just be the first comprehensive overview of the emerging and extremely exciting, yet totally overlooked and unknown Istanbul design scene. Apart from being an exhibition it is also be a discussion and production platform and laboratory, focusing on the latest evolutions in design in general, while touching on issues such as globalization and the tension between the centre and its periphery. It will also serve as a kick off for a work in lso serve as a kick off for a work in lso serve as a kick off for a work in lso serve as a kick off for a work in progress that, starting in Germany, will spread to other countries, constantly changing.its form and format.

SPAGAT! holds the middle between a feast, an outcry, a tribute and celebration, an essay, an encyclopedia, and a quick sketch snapshot, and three-minute-song. But first and foremost — and totally in tune with the nature of design — it will simply be an apartment cum office, where curator Max Borka temporarily lives and works, in between exhibits, and acts as a host to the visitors. The notion of a design event is thus infused with new content, in an exhibition that announces itself as groundbreaking and historic.

With about 15 million inhabitants, Istanbul has become one of Europe’s biggest and fastest growing metropoles. Whereas it is often still seen as a mere intersection and greyzone in between East and West or Europe and Asia, it has succeeded in developing an identity that is totally its own, and exemplary on many levels. Its position can be compared to a Splits or Spagat, the most difficult and yet most elegant and most beautiful figure in dance. For if anything, Istanbul is a dancing city: loud and boisterous, wild and rough, passionate and ecstatic. This has itself also reflected in the city’s emerging design scene, and the alternatives it has on offer for the ruling design industry and its colonizing politics.

Joelle Hancerli, Hocker Quawook, 2005.

Poster SPAGAT!

Autoban, Chair Nest, 2009, Shelf Ladder, 2006.

Ela Cindoruk, Necklace from the series Classics Collection, 2003.

Erdem Akan, Istanbul Alphabeth Ornaments, 2005.

SPAGAT! Kurator Max Borka, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.

ÇokÇok-Collection, Stools, Istanbul 2010, Foto: Anna Pannekoek.